5 MYTHS of Battery Life !

Myth refers to a widely held story but false belief or idea.

Here, I gonna tell you about the top ‘5 MYTHS of Battery Life’ . Before starting the topic let me tell me about the battery.

The battery which is used in our smartphone is ‘Lithium-ion battery’. A Lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the negative electron to the positive electron during discharge and back when charging.

Top 5 MYTHS of Battery Life are :

• Need to charge 8 to 10 hrs when bought a new phone.

=> This is one of the biggest myth about the battery health. It is said that whenever you bought a new phone you have to charge your battery at least 8 to 10 hrs. If not, then you don’t get good battery life.

Actually this is totally false myth, you can use your phone with the charged battery life which you get from shop.

• To plugging in, the battery health should be 0% and plugging out after 100%.

=> This is such a gag which deficit you when you do it. Let me tell you that it also is false myth.

You don’t need to charge your phone’s battery to 100%. And also don’t need to discharge it to 0% to plugged in. Many People do it because they think they will get good battery life if they do so.

Remember guys, you don’t need to do it to get good battery life because it doesn’t causes any decrease in battery life.

The ideal range of Lithium-ion battery is 20% to 80%.

• Don’t use others company Charger :

=> It is not important to do to get good battery life.

You can use any brand charger but you have to focus that the charger is original not duplicate.

Example- If you have Samsung smartphone then no issue when you use Genuine Apple Charger etc. And, If you have Apple iPhone then you can use Genuine Blackberry Charger etc.

• Use only that charging cable which is provided to you with phone.

=> Stop, Stop, and Wait this is also a myth but it’s true not false. It is best when you use that cable which is provided to you.

We need to use thicker cable for charging because it has low resistance. If the cable is thin then there is high resistance which produces more heat and cause low speed in charging.

• Don’t use mobile phone while Charging.

=> It is believed that if you use your device while charging then suddenly it may destroyed.

It is not true myth you are free to use your device while charging also. You can play games or call anybody etc. while charging.

But, listen sometimes your device may get hot due to over utilisation so you should leave it when it happens.

Some Important Notes :

  • You have to avoid charging if the environment is warm because extreme hot or cold environment is harmful for battery. Therefore, you have to charge your battery in normal environment.
  • You have to notice that the output voltage of the charger which you used is of 5 Volt.

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