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Owl City Fireflies

The song Owl City Fireflies is released on 2009 by the Artist ‘Owl City’.64 Here, you can listen owl city fireflies song as well as you can also read songs lyrics. LYRICS : You would not believe your Eyes If ten Million Fireflies Lit up the World as I fell asleep Cause they’d fill the

WhatsApp introduces Touch ID feature !

Instant Messaging App ‘WhatsApp‘ has supported biometric authentication on its iOS platform. This allows the user to lock the app through Face ID or Touch ID. However this feature will not work on per chat basis. Enabling this feature can help users to lock their private messages from Face ID or Touch ID. This feature

Why Google + is Shutting down ?

Google LLC is the Multinational Company which has around 95k employees in the Company. There were billions of active users who uses Google as search engine. It comes under the 4th biggest companies like Apple, Amazon and Facebook. You know how much famous Google is then what’s the reason of shutting down the ‘Google Plus’

Messenger latest update !

Messenger is become very essential now a days. It launches on 9th of august 2011. This becomes the best messaging app throughout the world. It approximately has 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. And, its ranking is on the 2nd position among mobile chat app all over the world. Now, this app will going to

The Feat of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The Feat of Artificial Intelligence : The fifth generation of computers started after 1985. Its a big donation –Artificial Intelligence means a machine that can understand and learn by itself. As you speak on Google App, you get answers to your questions. Voice commands to the system, that is, the voice recognition is the contribution of A.I.

How does Artificial Intelligence Work ?

How does Artificial Intelligence Work ? Friends, Artificial Intelligence means the intellectual capacity developed in artificial way, which is why it is also called artificial intelligence. This was the beginning of the 1950s. Through this, computer system or robotic system is prepared, but it is attempted to run on the basis of those arguments, on

Stay Alert During Booking ?

Stay Alert during Booking : Online travel bookings are easy but there is also a need to be careful. Many times cheater make a similar website in the name of the popular website. Attractive offers are also offered on this, the people trapped in their trap become prey. Therefore always book with the reliable platform. Finding the