Helpful Softwares for Handicapped Child !

Handicapped is a word stand for ‘disabled person’. Here, I gonna show you the helpful apps for Handicapped Child.

Children who are struggling with learning disorder, that is, they are not able to pronounce words properly. Or, they are finding it difficult to remember things, in today’s time they have many softwares to help and advance them.

Let’s know about the softwares :

Math Talk

This is Math software based on Speech Recognition Program. It helps handicapped students to solve the problem of Maths.

Math questions can be solved using computer’s microphone. This program uses the Voice Text feature.


Students who are blind, they can use braille translator. Questions related to pre-Algebra, Algebra trigonometry, calculus, statistics, graphic etc. can be solved with the help of this.


Many children have problems with dyslexia and learning disorder. This is a very useful software for such children.

It can be used as a learning tool. Grammar checks, word prediction, text to speech features are given in this software.


In addition, it will get features such as Contextual Spelling Correction, Missed Word Correction, Automation Correction, Audio Assistance.

It can be used for Windows, IOS and Android.


Ghotit is also an app related to learning disorder. This is useful for children who have trouble writing properly with proper pronunciation and proper pronunciation.


This can help you to correct the mistakes, spelling error, grammar error and improving the mistakes. The text to speech feature has also been used here.

It supports Windows, Android and IOS.

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