How to Avoid Notification in Windows 10 ?

How to Avoid Notification in Windows 10 ?

There are many advantages of flashing notifications on PC , because it provides many information over time. But sometimes it also bothers. If someone is doing something important, then notification alerts extremely disturbed in such a situation.You can try these methods to avoid notifications.

See only new notifications :

Often when a notification arrives on the system, a popup window is displayed on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.If you miss this alert, then worry is not a concern.You can see received notifications anytime by clicking on any message icon going through Action Centre.Keep open Action Centre on System.To quickly check all the open notifications in it, click on the Clear All link.

See notifications without opening :

There is another way to open the notification without seeing the message.Move your cursor over the message icon.This will show some part of the message.If the message seems important then open it or else leave it alone.

Control Notifications :

If you want to stop the notification from coming in, you can alter it by going to Settings. For this, by going to the search bar on the taskbar, click on the notification and action settings. Here you will find an on and off option, which you can choose. If you have problem with the notifications alert, then you can silent it through the Windows 10 Hours function.
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