How to find Jobs ?

How to find Jobs ?

Have you ever thought that others can find jobs for you ? But now such chatbots are launched which helps you to find jobs. ChatBots knows how to talk with humans based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
However, in these days ChatBots are used for different-different matters also for finding jobs for you.


ChatBots are quite Intelligent but it works better only when you give it right information. Jobbot is such chatbot which search jobs for you according to your carrier profile. If you want to apply for jobs, then you can apply through Facebook Messenger or website of company. There is a option through which you can search jobs worldwide. This also updates the job related to your criteria daily, weekly or hourly. You can add jobs with Facebook Messenger.


This chatbot works as a Personal Job Search Assistant, which searches for new jobs that meet your job profile. Here you need to text the chatbot through the Newton messaging interface. You can talk with chatbot like a friend. Then, it started to search jobs for you according to you profile.  Along with the job matching profile, it also shows about similar job opening. However, to search for jobs on this platform you will need to sign in. You can add it to a Facebook Messenger account. This is totally free.


Many times they apply for jobs, but often it happens that the company does not even go to the resume seen by the HR or if it is seen then just for a few seconds. Given these factors, if you have not prepared the resume properly, then the job opportunities are also very low. It’s a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence, which will help you to craft better resumes. It will tell you what kind of keywords should be used in the resume.
Go and find jobs.

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