How to find lost phone easily?

This is such a big problem when you lost your phone. It is so difficult to find your lost device earlier but now it becomes easy.

If the phone is lost, then the worry of data, photos and other essential goods seems to be overwhelming.

Here, I gonna explain to you ” how you can find your lost device” easily.

You don’t need to do more, just only download the app and allow it to find your device.

Some important details about that app and its feature are given below.

Google‘ an American Multinational company just add a new feature in Find My Device App. This feature helps you to find a lost android smartphone.

Google has now added the Indoor Maps feature to the Find My Device app. This app can help you to lock your phone. In addition, the indoor map feature can help you to find out where you left your phone as in the airport, mall etc.

The Verge report says that Google has not explicitly told that the new feature will show the indoor view of which buildings.

According to the app details on the Google Play Store, indoor maps can help the user find a phone in the airport, shopping centre and large buildings.

The Find My Device app allows the user to view custom messages and contact numbers on the lock screen with the sound playing on the full volume even when the current or final location of the smartphone is on the map, silent or locked on the map.


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