How to make fire alarm easily?
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How to make fire alarm easily?

Hi! Everyone almost all of you know about ‘Fire Alarm‘ and its ‘work’. This post is going to help you in making ‘Fire Alarm Working Model’ in very easy steps. Here, in this post we gonna make you understand about the fire alarm system and its working principle. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Benefits of ‘Fire Alarm‘:-

Now from its name you can recognize what it is going to do for you, it will indicate you whenever there is any fire near it. That means suppose you added ‘Fire Alarm System‘ in your bedroom and you are in your drawing room and there a little fire from candle cached to your curtain, this system will indicate you about fire when it feels it. I hope you understand it perfectly.

Fire Alarm System Working Principal :-

The circuit which you will learn from this post work on the very simple principle. This circuit contains a buzzer, a fire switch, a battery, an LED, resistance and some wire, so when a fire takes place fire switch in the circuit switch on the flow of current and buzzer start making a sound. So this is it, a very simple circuit to protect you from fire.

Materials required:-

  • Fluorescent starter (for fire switch) (Click to buy)
  • Buzzer (Click here to buy)
  • 9 Volt Battery (Click me)
  • Battery cap (Buy here)
  • LED (Buy Now)
  • Wire (Click me)
  • Resistance (Buy Now) (you have to choose it with respect to your LED, I am using 10 ohm resistance)
  • PCB (Buy Here) or Breadboard or any simple base for the circuit.

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Step 1 :- Take out fire switch from the fluorescent starter :-

Now, first you have to take a fluorescent starter and then cut it with help any sharp object like cutter (be careful while using a sharp object). And when you will open it, you will find a bulb that bulb is a fire switch, take it out carefully without breaking its wire connected to its end. BOOM! you got it.

Step 2 :- Draw circuit diagram on PCB and fit all the components on it :-

This step is only if you are using PCB . You can use permanent marker to draw diagram on PCB. And put components according to diagram. The fire alarm working model as diagram is mention below :

Fire Alarm Circuit Diagram

Step 3 :- Follow the diagram or to understand perfectly read the following steps :-

  1. Connect one of the end of fire switch to the negative end of LED(usually smaller end is negative)and then connect the same wire to the negative end of the buzzer (usually black is for negative ).
  2. Now connect the positive end of the buzzer( usually red in color) to the resistance which is connected to the positive end of the LED(usually longer end is positive) then connect that wire to the positive end of the battery with the help of battery cap(usually in battery cap red is for positive)
  3. Now connect another end of fire switch to negative end of the battery with the help of battery cap(usually in battery cap black is for negative).

Step 4 :- Now you have to check your circuit :-

This you can do by heating the fire switch with the help of lighter or matches or candle. If you follow all step perfectly then after heating of some time it will start producing a sound.


  • While using cutter, be careful (you should ask your elder for help).
  • Don’t pull the fire switch strongly, try to cut it(as if you pull it forcefully its end will break down).
  • Don’t forget one thing that in the LED smaller end is for negative and longer for positive and in the battery cap (or in buzzer) red is for positive and black for negative.
  • Also, remember one thing that you have to connect resistance to positive end of LED(that is a longer one).
  • If you are using a breadboard, then first read it’s circuit(given at its back covered with plastic) and then follow step 3.
  • Connect all the wire perfectly according to the diagram.


  • If you are using PCB make sure that you solder the whole circuit perfectly.
  • You should use high quality of fluorescent starter for better result.

Now, if this post was helpful for you then please share it. And you want to ask anything or want to give any suggestion comment below.

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