How to make the smartphone wireless mouse?

Many times the mouse of your laptop and desktop doesn’t work, in such a situation, the wireless mouse can be useful for you.

There is no wire in the wireless mouse and it is also easy to use. But the wireless mouse is quite expensive and people do not buy it many times because of this reason.

But, Do you know that you can make a wireless mouse without any cost? You will be needed only an Android Smartphone just for this. For this, you can also use your old smartphone located in the house.

Let’s know how to make the smartphone wireless mouse.

  • You will have to install an app to make the smartphone wireless mouse.

  • You can download this app fromĀ here.
  • And, to download the app for windows click here.
  • After downloading the app on the computer it will have to be opened.
  • Here you will see an IP address.
  • It is unique in all computers. Keep it in notes.
  • After that install the app in the Android smartphone and open it.
  • Here you have two options You will see the first Wi-Fi and the second option will be Bluetooth.
  • From this, you will have to select the Wi-Fi option.
  • After this, connect app from mobile with the IP address you have noted.
  • After connecting to the mobile app, you will be able to use your phone as a wireless mouse.

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