{7+ Steps} How to make vacuum cleaner ?

Hey! Welcome to the world of Creativity. Here, in this Article we gonna share you how to make vacuum cleaner in Simple and Easy 7+ Steps Only. Let’s Begin with the some Information firstly :

We all see many devices daily but some of the devices attract us so much that we try what we can do to learn more about that device. Now here, that device is vacuum cleaner and after reading this post you will know how to make vacuum cleaner, how it works, who invented it first and many other information about that.

Who invented vacuum cleaner first?

The first vacuum cleaner which came to known as ‘carpet sweeper’ was invented by Daniel Hess of West Union, Lowa in 1860. In 1868 another model of it was invented by Ives W. McGaffey which came to known as ‘Whirlwind’. And so on many other models where invented.

How vacuum cleaner works?

To understand it in simple way we will take one example. Now, think what happen when drink juice with straw. When you take in air with mouth, juice also start flowing throw the straw. Now, this happen because low pressure get created inside the straw and therefore air from higher pressure start moving towards low pressure and due air juice get pushed inside the straw.

Similarly, motor work as same as our moth that means it create low pressure inside the vacuum cleaner due which air from atmosphere (which has high pressure compare to vacuum cleaner), start moving inside it and while moving it all dust with it.

How to make vacuum cleaner?

Materials required

  • DC motor
  • Water Bottle
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Battery cap
  • Wire
  • Can
  • Hot glue or any other strong glue
  • Flexible plastic pipe
  • Net cloth (A type of cloth which has a high amount of holes)

Step 1 : Cut the can and water bottle :-

First of all take one piece of water bottle and cut the shaded part according to the diagram. Make sure that some part of Part A or B of bottle can easily go inside the other Part of bottle. If not make them by cutting them.

Vacuum Cleaner Steps

Step 2 : Make a propeller from can :-

Take a can and convert it into plane sheet. Then take Part A of bottle and put it on that plane sheet and then draw a circle. Cut out the circle and draw some chords on it. Now cut that line. And bend the piece to give it the look of propeller of fan.

Step 3 : Attach propeller to motor :-

Now to attach propeller to motor take a pen which is made up of hard plastic and has a hole between it ( like use and throw pen). Cut a small part of pen and fix it in the centre of propeller. Attach propeller to motor.

Step 4 : Attach motor inside Part A :-

First of all make some hole at the back of Part A of bottle. Then connect wires to the motor. And then take a bottle cap and make two hole on it. Pass motor’s wire through it. And fix the cap to the motor with the help of glue. Now, apply some glue on cap and pass the wire through the holes made on part A and attach the motor to the back of Part A.

Attaching motor in Vacuum Cleaner

Step 5 : Connect net to Part A :-

Take double sided tape and attach it to inner wall of Part A of bottle (this tape will conform that net does get pushed more inside part A of bottle). Now make a circle with wire which has little smaller circumference than Part A. Attach piece of net on the wire. Then attach them to Part A ( this net will not allow dust to reach to the motor)

Step 6 : Attach flexible plastic pipe to Part A :-

Apply glue on pipe and attach it to Part B of bottle. Also cut a neck from other bottle and fix it to Part B ( same as done in diagram). Then with help of plastic make a shape like C (according to diagram).

Vacuum Cleaner Complete Diagram

Step 7 : Design your vacuum cleaner :-

Make handle and stand for vacuum cleaner as made in diagram. You can try other things too.

Step 8 : Check your model :-

Attach Part B to A of bottle. And then attach battery to motor. Now your vacuum cleaner is ready.


  • While cutting bottle be careful. Or take the help of your elders.
  • When you’re attaching bottle cap to motor be careful, because a simple mistake will make your motor useless.
  • You should use high quality of battery and motor for good experience.


Now in this article, you read as well as understand how to make vacuum cleaner, who make it and how it works etc.

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