How to Save Insert Image From Files ?

How to Save Insert Image From Files ?

     Many times people send images by inserting it with Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but when you right click on that image, then there is no option to save it, that is, you can not save it directly on a computer but there are some ways which helps to save the insert image easily with the document.   


The image will save after clicking on right button in some version of Microsoft Word, but when the version is not supporting then after open the document go to file then save as. Here, go to file format in dropdown menu and select the Web page (.htm). After that, navigate that where you file is saved and open it after double click. It will open in default browser. Now, click right button on insert image with document then you will find save image option in context menu. Now, you can save image easily in your computer.


If you want to save insert image by right click with Google document then this way isn’t work. If you want to save image from document then follow these ways :-
●At first, go to file > save as > web page

●Then save zip file on computer.

●Now open zip file, you will get image folder. In this image folder, you will find all image which was insert in Google Document.

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