How to search too old files ?

How to search too old files ?

      If you are not getting files for years or months old in your PC or laptop, then there are some easy ways to help you recover the lost files again.

●Extension is very useful

    If you can not remember the name of the file then you can search for it with the help of its extension.
For example, if you save in MS Word Document then it’s extension will be ‘.doc‘ or ‘.docx‘ . There will be ‘.xls‘ extension in XL File while extention of video and audio can be ‘.mp4‘ and ‘.mp3‘ respectively.

●Half name can also be useful

         If you don’t remember full name of any file then it’s first letter can also be useful. You have to click on windows icon and in search bar of start, you have to type the first letter of that file. After that the system will start giving you information about all files related to that letter.

●Take help of Cortana

      If after using these ways, you are not getting files  these you can take help of Cortana. If you click on Cortana icon in task bar while searching the document then you get all recent activities in ‘Pick up where you left off section’.

●Recent place can useful

   If you save any file recently or used recently then you can search for that file by visiting the Recents Place section in PC. In this you can see all your new activities.

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