How to unsend message on Messenger ?

How to unsend message on Messenger ?

Hello friends, now a days as we know that the social media platform reign the world. Without these we never contact with any easily. This is the like the boon which comes true, with these we can send and receive message easily without wasting too much time. That’s why these are the boon for us. Here, you will learn about how to unsend message on Facebook.
You will now able to unsend message on Facebook Messenger also. The Facebook started to give the feature of unsend message to their users. The most remarkable thing about this feature is that users can delete the message of their chat. It was not firstly introduced.
At first, when the users delete their message then it is deleted  from the users chat box only but now after deleting the message, it will deleted from the user together with the inbox of the message receiver.Facebook has set a 10-minute deadline to delete the message sent. Users can delete the photos and videos sent along with the user chat through the unsend feature.

Steps to unsend message :

● To unsend the message, you will have to tap and hold on the sent message.
● After that, ‘remove for everyone’ option will appear.
● By tapping on this option, you can delete the message from the receiver’s chatbox as well as your chatbox.

NOTE : At present, this feature has been released in countries like Bolivia, Poland, Colombia and Lithuania.

Hopefully this feature will be released soon in other countries of the world including India.

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