Messenger latest update !

Messenger is become very essential now a days. It launches on 9th of august 2011. This becomes the best messaging app throughout the world.

It approximately has 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. And, its ranking is on the 2nd position among mobile chat app all over the world.

Now, this app will going to launch dark mode feature. Users can change the background into dark when this feature will introduced. The background of Facebook’s Messenger comes in white color till now.

Battery consumption will also be less due to the dark mode. Well, this new UI of messenger is currently being offered in some countries only.

All its text will be replaced by white color when the background will be dark. In order to activate its Dark mode to users, a toggle was given in the ‘me’ section within the app. This feature will work through that.

Although this feature has not been introduced yet. After completing the test, Facebook can introduce this feature globally. Hope, this feature introduced soon.

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