5 MYTHS of Battery Life !

Myth refers to a widely held story but false belief or idea. Here, I gonna tell you about the top ‘5 MYTHS of Battery Life’ . Before starting the topic let me tell me about the battery. The battery which is used in our smartphone is ‘Lithium-ion battery’. A Lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is

Helpful Softwares for Handicapped Child !

Handicapped is a word stand for ‘disabled person’. Here, I gonna show you the helpful apps for Handicapped Child. Children who are struggling with learning disorder, that is, they are not able to pronounce words properly. Or, they are finding it difficult to remember things, in today’s time they have many softwares to help and

Truth of WhatsApp Dictation !

These days, there is a lot of discussion about the Whatsapp’s ‘dictation feature’ on the Internet. This feature is being said that users can send messages by speaking without typing. In many reports, it is being said that after taping on the microphone icon on the keyboard, you will have to speak only and the

How to find lost phone easily?

This is such a big problem when you lost your phone. It is so difficult to find your lost device earlier but now it becomes easy. If the phone is lost, then the worry of data, photos and other essential goods seems to be overwhelming. Here, I gonna explain to you ” how you can

How to delete cookies from browser ?

Cookies are a small text file written by Web Browser. In this, you are given interaction information from one site. It contains information about your login username or what you have purchased from the retail website. This can influence your privacy. Also, it covers space in your system. Let’s know how to delete cookies :