Messenger latest update !

Messenger is become very essential now a days. It launches on 9th of august 2011. This becomes the best messaging app throughout the world. It approximately has 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. And, its ranking is on the 2nd position among mobile chat app all over the world. Now, this app will going to

How to send voice message on Instagram ?

Photo Sharing platform ‘Instagram‘ introduced a new feature. You can also send voice message through Instagram with the help of this feature. A microphone button is added to Instagram App. You will send voice message like WhatsApp by pressing the button. This message is received by receiver in .wav format which supports any music player.

Best and Cheap hosting at Rs19/month.

Hey there, This is your host ‘Helpmate’ . I am going to tell you today about best and cheap hosting plan which you never heard before. I want to introduce you all about new website which offers you very low cost hosting at Rs19/month only. You can buy domain also at low price. Let me

How to unsend message on Messenger ?

How to unsend message on Messenger ? Hello friends, now a days as we know that the social media platform reign the world. Without these we never contact with any easily. This is the like the boon which comes true, with these we can send and receive message easily without wasting too much time. That’s

How to Avoid Notification in Windows 10 ?

How to Avoid Notification in Windows 10 ? There are many advantages of flashing notifications on PC , because it provides many information over time. But sometimes it also bothers. If someone is doing something important, then notification alerts extremely disturbed in such a situation.You can try these methods to avoid notifications. See only new notifications :

How to fix WiFi problems of Phone ?

How to fix WiFi problems of Phone ? While using the Internet through Wi-Fi, it sometimes happens that it does work slowly. Although this may be due to the slow Wi-Fi network, but if you’ve checked the Wi-Fi network and it’s just slowing down on your phone, then it can be faster by using some tips.

How to earn Money ?

How to earn Money ? Do you want to earn money ? You don’t have to roam here and there. You just have to do this for earn money . Download true balance and sign up to earn money. True Balance is free recharge and mobile balance checker app. With the help of this app, the

The Feat of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The Feat of Artificial Intelligence : The fifth generation of computers started after 1985. Its a big donation –Artificial Intelligence means a machine that can understand and learn by itself. As you speak on Google App, you get answers to your questions. Voice commands to the system, that is, the voice recognition is the contribution of A.I.

How does Artificial Intelligence Work ?

How does Artificial Intelligence Work ? Friends, Artificial Intelligence means the intellectual capacity developed in artificial way, which is why it is also called artificial intelligence. This was the beginning of the 1950s. Through this, computer system or robotic system is prepared, but it is attempted to run on the basis of those arguments, on