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How to find Jobs ?

How to find Jobs ? Have you ever thought that others can find jobs for you ? But now such chatbots are launched which helps you to find jobs. ChatBots knows how to talk with humans based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) .  However, in these days ChatBots are used for different-different matters also for finding jobs […]

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Stay Alert During Booking ?

Stay Alert during Booking : Online travel bookings are easy but there is also a need to be careful. Many times cheater make a similar website in the name of the popular website. Attractive offers are also offered on this, the people trapped in their trap become prey. Therefore always book with the reliable platform. Finding the […]


When will 5g device launched?

When will 5g device launched?  There is also a big set up in the device area with 5G. Mobile Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm had demonstrated 5G chipsets in the year 2017. The X50 chipset was created by Qualcomm, which was able to support data connection at the rate of 1 GBps per second. This year, it has introduced an […]

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Tips for Banking from Phone !

Tips for Banking from Phone ! Hello Guys, today I gonna show you some amazing tips which help you a lot for Banking from Phone.  Follow these tips mention below : ■  If you do banking from mobile then you can use password manager apps which generate different-different passwords. ■  Don’t use similar password for […]