Free Pubg Ump9 Skin

How to get PUBG UMP9 Skin for Free ?

Are you looking for PUBG Gun Skins ? Good job, you are at right place.

So, Here is the way which you can use to get free UMP9 Skin. Only you have to do is that just follow all the way mentioned below :

  • First of all, you have to download Solo VPN from Playstore or just <Click Here>
  • Open Solo VPN.
  • Select ‘ Thailand ‘ Server.
  • Now, click on Connect.
  • Just minimize the VPN app. Don’t close it.
  • Login to the PUBG and go to “SHOP”.
  • Then, go to “Redeem” option.
  • And, Select Green UMP Skin.

Note : You can buy it using free silver fagements. No need to pay PUBG UC.

  • Now, Spend 672 silver fragments and that’s it.
  • You will get Green UMP9 Skin.

Get Free Ump9 Skin



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