The Feat of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The Feat of Artificial Intelligence :

  • The fifth generation of computers started after 1985. Its a big donation –Artificial Intelligence means a machine that can understand and learn by itself.
  • As you speak on Google App, you get answers to your questions. Voice commands to the system, that is, the voice recognition is the contribution of A.I. ‘Alexa’, which is a smart cloud service, is used by echo speakers. This speaker plays songs on giving commands. Windows Cornessa, Siri, Google Now also fall into this category.
  • Shimon, a robot, can use A.I. to compose music, can play it. It can think like a human composer. The American researcher of the Georgia Institute of Technology, from Beethoven to Beatles, and Lady Gaga to Mill Davis, more than five thousand songs have  been cast.
  • Famous YouTube Star, Content creator, Singer Tarin Southern has created a single called ‘Break Fei’ with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This is the first song composed and produced with A.I.
  • In the future, A.I. Technologies can do a lot of new transformation, such as catering to the delivery of goods in the restaurant, from the catering to the homes in the restaurant – lectures in colleges, all work will be done through A.I.
  • Chef Watson is an A.I. based app that lets you create your own special recipe from any ingredient.
  • Amazon has made its visual search option available on its mobile platform, from which items of similar items are seen when taking pictures of it. It is also the feat of A.I.
  • NASA is looking for life prospects on other planets with the help of A.I. It will play an important role in the Mars Mission 2020.

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