15+ Different Types of Blogs (2019)

Meaning of Blog :

Blog is a website which a person owns and shares his or her knowledge to their websites by providing article to their audience.

Blog definition and example :

The definition of blogging is the process of writing blogs on their website. It is an online journal in which we shares our though as well as knowledge about the particular subject with readers.

An example of blogging is when you write an online journal about the progress of your home build.

Types of Blogs :

There are so many types of blogs. And, here i gonna explain most popular types of blogs. So, keep reading to know

  • Fashion Blogs :

Fashion blogs are one of the meaning most important types of blogs. It’s the big industry on the Internet with huge Global audience.

Most of the fashion bloggers are invited to take part in the major events. Fashion bloggers are also get invited to business deals by top fashion brands.

Fashion Blog

This type of blogs are good for those bloggers who have a great knowledge of fashion and styling. You can start a fashion blog and start making money online.

  • Travel Blogs :

Travel blogs are getting popular day by day. Many people are searching for travel tips, advice and destination guide. This type of blogs make you understand about the travelling.

Travel Blogs

These blogs make it easy for other travellers to choose his destination. If you are a Traveller or a guide Traveller Traveller then you should definitely make a travel blog travel blog blog.

  • Lifestyle Blogs :

Lifestyle Blogs are most popular types of blogs found on the internet. They have a variety of readers, interested in many topics like arts, politics and local news.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Bloggers get many opportunities to get partnership with businesses. This type of bloggers also get opportunities to be an influencer, become a speaker and also write for other publications.

  • Fitness Blogs :

Fitness Blogs have been a trend in these days. This type of bloggers cover important topics related to health and general fitness. Most of the people in the world searching for how to stay fit.

Fitness Blogs

This type of bloggers write about diets, diet plans, supplements and more. Fitness bloggers also can create video to explain different types of exercises or yoga to their audience.

  • Food Blogs :

Food Blogs are another popular types of blogs. This types of blogs attracts most of the audience who are looking for food recipes as well as ingredients, healthy eating and other food related stories.

Food Blog

Many food bloggers start with something as simple as their local restaurant reviews. This blog engaged their audience who were interested in food related topics.

  • Movie Blogs :

Movie blogs generally shares reviews and news of new movies as well as upcoming movies. They have a large audience on the internet. Many people searching about the new movies review.

Movie Blogs

Movie Bloggers are invited to watch premium movies or shows before its actual public release of movies, so that they can write reviews about an upcoming movie.

  • Music Blogs :

Music Blogs has huge audience who search for best and trending movies on the internet. Every music lovers enjoy songs of different languages according to their interests.

Music Blogs

These bloggers write about different types of music as well as the famous singers and more.

  • Sports Blogs :

Sports blogs are another type of interesting blogs found on the internet. Every country has its own national sport and every sports has its own stars.

Sports Blogs

Sports bloggers write about the latest events all over the world.

  • Gaming Blogs :

As Gaming is so popular all over the world, just like Gaming Blogs also have a great engaged audience. Gaming Bloggers generally writes about the latest games, gaming hardware, events, game cheats and more.

Gaming Blogs

Most of the gaming blogs belong to the gamers. Gamers engaged their audience by providing him some gameplay videos as well.

  • DIY Blogs :

DIY Blogs are also an interesting blogs with huge audience. It stands for “do it yourself”. It has multiple sub-types likes arts and crafts, origami, construction and more.

Diy Blogs

These interesting DIY activities encourage their visitors to try new stuffs.

  • Business Blogs :

Business Blogs are the professional blogs related to the agencies, industries and more. They offer a casual way to communicate their customers and make them known about the business products and services.

Business Blogs

Business bloggers educate their users about converting website visitors into customers using the best conversion optimization software around the world.

  • Finance Blogs :

Finance Blogs help and advice their audience to manage finances efficiently. So cause, it has a wide audience who trying to save for a better future.

Finance Blogs

Personal finance blogs share advice for businesses, investors, startups, individuals and families. It’s a good blog niche for the people interested in the complex world of managing money and generating wealth.

  • Car Blogs :

Car Blogs are generally about the Luxury car and Sports Cars. They covers many topics related to car features, its latest models and more.

Car Blogs

Many people looking on the internet for best luxury cars according to their budget without visiting showrooms.

  • News Blogs :

News Blogs are very popular blog all around the world. There is a lot of incidents as well as important updates released day by day. And, we are searching for latest new. So cause, this type of blogs have huge traffic.

News Blogs

News can be about anything like climatic change, scientific innovations, politics, religion, technology and more. Every media have some bloggers to work on each of these subtypes in news blogging.

  • Political Blogs :

Political Blogs have engaged interested audience. This types of blogs cover latest news on politics.

Political Blogs

These types of blogs share the agenda of political party and write about their policies as well as plans to attract more people to their website.

  • Personal Blogs :

Personal Blogs are the most interesting blogs belong to an individual writers who share their knowledge, life experiences and more to their audience.

Personal Blogs

These Bloggers also share his own thoughts about any knowledge they have well.

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