9+ Unknown facts about GOOGLE {Everyone Should Know}

Don’t you known about Unknown Facts about Google. So, here is the best article which make you understand it. GOOGLE is so fun and interesting. To know more just read it completely.

All the interesting facts are coded by the company ‘GOOGLE’ itself. So, try checking all one by one as well.

Here, I will give you 10 interesting Facts about google :


Go to Google Search and type askew ‘ then search it. You will surely Find that the Page will tilt slightly as shown below :


Now, the question arises- Why it happens ? So, As the word suggest to ’tilt slightly’ that happens.

Do a Barrel Roll :

Give it a try Go to google and search ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ or simply <Click Here> to go directly. You will get shocked that the Page will Rolled once. Just go and search it to get Surprised. It’s all is coded by the company itself.

GOOGLE   Space :

It is so interesting as you can play with it too and enjoyed it a lot. Go to Google and Search ‘Google Space’. If not, then just <Click here> to go to the website.

Google Space

GOOGLE   Gravity :

It is one of the best Game Play which Google coded itself. I again tell you Go to Google and search ‘Google Gravity’. If not, then just <Click here> to enjoy it. Here, gravitational force is applied which attracts everything towards downward.

Google Gravity

Atari   Breakout :

Oh! It is an awesome Game Play which you ever experienced. Search ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Image Search. And, wait for sometime then you will find that The Game will started and you can play it too. <Click Here> to go directly or seach by own.

The Game Play which will open is liked this as shown below :

Atari Breakout

Google  UnderWater :

Google provides a really unique and interesting thing that is its underwater search system. It is quite easy and looking great. Go to Google and search ‘Google Underwater’ or just <Click Here> to go directly to the website.

You can click on the search button to get more fishes. Try it own.

The interference which you will get is as like as shown below :

Google Underwater Search

Google  Mirror :

This is not more to know about. It just act as a mirror and reverse all the text including Google and search too. Only you have to do is that just Go to  Google and search the ‘Google Mirror’ or simply <Click Here> to go to the website.

Google  Guitar :

This is just like Guitar which you can play online. You can also record and play that. Go to Google and search ‘Google Guitar’ or simply <Click Here> to  go directly to the website.

It will open and look like this :

Google Guitar

Google  PacMan :

I think you all already know about the PacMan Game. To play this game on doodle, just go to Google and search ‘Google PacMan’ or again simply <Click Here> to reached there directly.

Google provides this Game to play on the Doodle of Google. It looks like this :

Play Pac Man Game

Google  Snake :

It is a snake game which Google provides us to play on its Doodle. To play this or view this Simply search ‘Google Snake’ on Google Search or simply <Click Here> to go to server.

Go and check this game and enjoy it.

Play Snake Game

I hope you like all this interesting facts so Stay Tuned for more updates.

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