Truth of WhatsApp Dictation !

These days, there is a lot of discussion about the Whatsapp’s ‘dictation feature’ on the Internet. This feature is being said that users can send messages by speaking without typing.

In many reports, it is being said that after taping on the microphone icon on the keyboard, you will have to speak only and the text message will automatically typed.

Actually, WhatsApp doesn’t introduced this feature, but it is part of the Voice Typing feature ‘Google Gboard Keyboard App ‘.

A typed message can be sent by speaking with the help of this app. This feature is not only work on WhatsApp but also on the message app.

If you want to send a voice message by speaking on the WhatsApp, then you have to follow this step :

  • If you use Google Gboard Keyboard, then you can send a message by tapping on the mike icon given to the user keyboard.
  • Any message you want to send here will have to be spoken, it will be automatically typed.

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