What kind of data is collected by the browser ?

What kind of data is to be collected by the browser ?

Do you know that when you open any browser then what kind of data is to be collected by the browser ? Generally, browser collects many types of data.

Hardware and Software :

Browser collects data of the hardware and software from you. Talking about the software, browser knows that what is operating system, IP address , Browser Plug in. While talking about the hardware, browser the data related to CPU, GPU, and  Battery etc. Browser knows your Web connection. IP Address, Speed of Browser etc is involved in it.

GO Location :

If you don’t give GPS access to the browser but anyway it knows about your location. It uses GO Location API for this. If you access you web through browser on mobile, then too it knows your location. If you want to stop accessing the location data of browser then you will have to use Web Proxy Site. Many free options are available for this.

Browsing History :

This is very common thing that browsers collect your Browsing History data this means that browser have informations about what you search. However, Browsing History Data can be deleted.

Device Orientation :

On these days, Gyroscope is used in almost all smartphones. It is used in Fitness Tracking App and Movement Based Service like this. It’s browser came to know that where is your device physically, like – on the table , in bag , or in your pocket.

Social Media Login :

Browser also collects the information about the social media which you are log into.

Fonts and Language :

Browser also knows that which font is installed on your machine and which language is used by your operating system.

Image Data :

Whenever you upload a photo using browser then it scans your MetaData Files to know your informations. MetaData Location collects the information about Image Resolution, Technical Specifications of file , Camera Model etc.

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