What to do when WhatsApp gets hacked ?

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What to do when WhatsApp gets hacked ?

WhatsApp has more than 20 million users in India. In such a situation, its security is a big issue. Although the company has been claiming that its End To End encryption security protects the data of the users, but whatsapps can also be hacked. Hackers can hack it through a physical medium. Learn how in a situation such a WhatsApp account can be kept safe from the hackers. 

Take the help of WhatsApp Web :

Go to whatsapp web option on your WhatsApp. You will see the option of log out from all devices. Click on it then click on log out button. After that you whatsapp  account will be disconnected to whatever all devices you connect.
Apart from this, if you can not access your WhatsApp account then you can deactivate your account by mailing on support@whatsapp.com . After that if you do not access your account within 30 days then it will be deleted automatically.

Save like this from being hacked :

Keep WhatsApp on your phone locked by a password PIN or pattern so that no one can see your account. With this, using WiFi on any unknown place can be dangerous for your smartphone. Hackers can hack your WhatsApp through Wi-Fi connection. Apart from this, hackers can access your Whatsapp chat via your unique MAC address. Two-step verification can also work for you. This feature gives your WhatsApp more security. Through this you can save your account from hacking.
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