Why Google + is Shutting down ?

Google LLC is the Multinational Company which has around 95k employees in the Company. There were billions of active users who uses Google as search engine. It comes under the 4th biggest companies like Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

You know how much famous Google is then what’s the reason of shutting down the ‘Google Plus’ the product of Google.

Let me explain you the reason why Google take step forward to close Google+ ? Read full this article to get full information :

Google will shutting down Google Plus on 2nd April 2019. Now, I know this may come as a shock from a company with experience with other social networks like orkut but it just felt that people were not getting the value from a platform anymore.

Google says it closes the consumer version of Google Plus after users personal information was exposed. The company says the personal data of about 500k people was exposed between 2015 – 2018. The data included email addresses, ages, gender, relationship status among other information.

Google says it found no evidence the information was misused. Google has known about the bug since March with didn’t tell users about ‘The Wall Street Journal‘ will be issued on Monday. The Journal says the Google feared disclosing the incidence could read the structure regulation.

The wall street journal

Now, the Statement on Google + Report is given below :

Every year, we send millions of notifications to users about privacy and security bugs and issues.

Whenever user data may have been affected, we go beyond our legal requirements and apply several criteria focused on our users in determining whether to provide notice.

Reasons to close Google Plus :

Google Admits that Google + has failed to achieve broad consumers or developers adoptions since its introduction.

The company revealed that the usage and engagement of Google Plus is even lower than some might have guessed as 90% of user sessions lasted less than 5 seconds.

It’s possible Google plus may have been shut down eventually, but it’s the security breach that forced Google’s hand.

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